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Hello My Love:

 The reason behind this letter to you is nothing more that to tell you that I love you. But also how much I crave for you.

I know that we are not going through our best period right now, I know that passion between the two can disappear over the time.

So they say, and that’s what it is going on between us. But I won’t stand and watch that our daily routine robs us from our feelings that we share and love so much...


November 8, 2017

Me Talking!!

Hello there, let me introduce myself to you today!

I am a curious person, I really am.
I love living my life and enjoying every moment and every challange that brings. I appreciate every moment and take from those moments everything that I possibly can for I may never be able to experience again.

It's been a while that i have written a text, and actuaclly, it was one of my stronger points when I was in school. I...

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