New Years Eve Traditions!

New Year’s Eve is a time of many traditions all around the world...

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New Year's Eve celebrated in Brazil, has many different traditional rituals, where different cultures and nationalities have been combined for centuries. All those traditions are abound throughout the one special evening. It is a mix features African rituals, some Brazilian superstitions and even has a French name: Reveillon!

Let's take for example a case where by wearing the right color of underwear should make your wish come true.

Each color symbolizes something else, and people who are supersticious can ask things through it. Most oftern, people chose to wear the white ones, that symbolizes peace and renewal, a certain kind of hope that the New Year will be better than the one that has just passed. Pretty basic stuff.

It's been a many years since my last new year party in Brazil, but I keep some rituals with me.

The special one is the use of the right colors of underwear for my new year's wish.

These following colors stand for:

new years eve

Red = Passion, Romance and Love

Yellow = Prosperity, Wealth and Success

White = Peace, Harmony and Happiness

Blue = Good Health, Wellness and Tranquility

Green = Life, Nature and Well-Being

By wearing all white, you obviously want a better year than the last one.

This all means that it is a perfect ocasion to look for a new underwear at La perla, which brings a new collection just before the year is finished.

The company created a special event just before the last day of the year by offering lingerie show and a coctail for selected guests.

La Perla store, located in Paseo de Gracia 73 in Barcelona, attracts people passing by with a generous discount offer up to 60%.

Obviously only on selected items.

Would you guess what color did I choose?

Superstitions and traditions aside, everyone wants to start the year positively and with family and the loved ones.

Let's 2017 to bring up a positive attitude and hope that 2018 will be a good year for all of us!

By Keilley Lee Marques

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