Farofa Amazonic Urban Vibe

Farofa!! Are you ready?!

Farofa, ikibana

There us a new party on Sundays, as a part of a very nice restaurant Ikibana Sarria.

The place is known for its unique and exquisite decor.

To maintaing the tradition, the party is located downstairs in the basement, a spacious basement that it, where you can do both, party and dine.

The chain of Ikibana restaurants is well known within the city of Barcelona, it is a place where you can get a variety of japanese and brazilian food. But its customers dont come here only because of the menu, they enjoy the surroundings and fresh look with a little bit of touch of both cultures, Japan and Brazil.

Farofa, party, keilley lee marques

Located in the Sarria neighborhood, just about 200 meters from Av. Diagonal, “Farofa Amazonic Urban Vibe” is a different kind of experience, where the main menu is samba and Sao Paulo flavored music.

It's been long time coming, @farofabcn is bringing it back in a great style to Barcelona, "Brazilian party".

The most lively, classy and fun Brazilian experience in #Barcelona . Live band and DJ set with #Brazilian music and R&B and exotic dancers. Variety of coctails are being served, as well as finger food. Like I mentioned before, everything is served with awesome detail. Every Sunday, starting early at 17 hours.

Are you ready? Farofa is here! Every Sunday in Ikibana Sarria!!


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