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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

We live in a world of so much information which is accessible in a heartbeat. I think that it is very difficult to filter so many different things, ideas and use them or even learn from them. Dieting has been around for a while now (as long as I remember, really), and all over the world, people are very conscious of healthy lifestyle, and I am not just talking about eating habits.

There are literally thousands and thousands different kinds of diets, promising you great results almost immediately (range between one week to 3 months). We should know, that the best kind of diet and healthy lifestyle shouldn’t have an expiration date. Setting goals is a good way to motivate yourself and grind yourself through your diet, especially the ones that really make it not enjoyable.

But I believe that healthy lifestyle is what you do all the time, and for sure, there is time to treat yourself (people call it cheat day) with something „bad“.

A year ago, I’ve got a chance to meet Jessica Chica, nutrition coach, who is dedicated in preparing healthy meals that have a great taste, doesn’t bore you with the repeating ingredients. She created The Healthiest Choice Barcelona, a delivery food company that will bring you the meal to your home, work or wherever it is convenient for you. The idea is to save time for the customer, so he/she can enjoy the meal without rush. There are two sizes of the meal, the regular one and a large one.

I’ve tried for two weeks the large one, and it’s a very good size for any kind of a guy, who needs to fill up calories, in a controlled fashion. My husband is over two meters tall, over hundred kilograms, and it has always met his needs. Nonetheless, if you need to eat more that the large portion of the menu, maybe you are not doing the healthy way, you basically overeating.

I already mentioned that Healthiest Choice Barcelona prepares many different kind of meals with different ingredients, flavors and mixes, that I have never tried before and actually taste very good. You can taste the top quality of products used to make it.

Since using The Healthiest Choice, my eating habits has been better, I feel lighter and actually feel with more energy. Since I have a large size delivered to my home, many times I have the rest of plate for a dinner, good thing for the body, to eat less at night. I usually drink a glass of wine (red or white), depending on the occasion. Hey, don’t judge me, even though I try to have a healthy lifestyle, I can have some vices too. Right? In my opinion, I think that eating well is a big part of our everyday life, so we should enjoy it and feel good about it. Don't forget to use my code keilley10 to enjoy 10% of discount.

Like many people said before: you control what enters your body and you alone have to live with the consequences.

My choice is The Healthiest one.

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