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Gallery of Ideas is an annual conference where speakers can share their stories in a beautiful evening designed to inspire a large audience.

Be it management meetings or a wedding speech, it's of the most importance to your audience and yourself that you translate your message in the best way you possibly can. Why not learn from the best ones!!

GOI Academy is the place where you can learn all areas of public speaking through practical group exercises, professional advice and real stage time in a friendly, constructive environment.

This year is all about seduce, so sit back and let get seduced.

When I ask people what they think of when I say seduce, a lot of people answer along the lines between the story of Adam & Eve and simple sex. But Adam or Eve were seductive if anything.They were seduced by their seducer the snake and sex, well sex is more the end result of seduction, if successful rather than the seduction itself.

At Gallery Of Ideas next event 11th May, we shall be exploring this key word - Seduce.

Our event entails 6 speakers, both professional and non-professional sharing their personal experiences and message around the theme Seduce.

We always include live music, food and drink as these are not lectures but social events were people of learned nature can come together to connect, to share ideas, to create new ventures and to inspire one another.

This will be our 5th event after already exploring the themes Inspire, Dare, Provoke and Delight.

We have chosen "Seduce" because it is a skill that we use every day and don’t even recognise as a skill. Without seduce we wouldn’t have creativity or ambition, life would be dull and bleak. No one can deny the pleasure you feel when you get your own way, then I guarantee Seduction was used somewhere along the way.

So we aim to explore what seductions means to us, how we use it and how we could use it better.

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