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NATURA BISSÉ, Spanish cosmetic firm, has opened its own space in El Corte Inglés Diagonal (Barcelona) The new and contemporary counter allows you to enjoy its exclusive treatments as well as advice on all products and protocols offered by the firm. Natura Bissé continues to be at the forefront of the sector, combining the effectiveness of its products with that of its beauty rituals.

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This boutique space has its own treatment booth in which customers can enjoy the most innovative protocols of the firm, an experience whose results exceed any expectation.

Last wednesday I had the privilege to enjoy the new beauty treatment "Diamond Cocoon Experience" Antipollution prebiotic treatment.

Pollution, digital screens, travel, meetings ...

The new Natura Bissé professional protocol was born to transfer to the beauty booth the philosophy of the Diamond Cocoon collection: to offer an antidote to the hectic pace of life we ​​lead, both for the skin as for the mind. Diamond Cocoon Experience feeds and repairs the skin to awaken its inner strength and reverse the effects of modern pollution and stress; it is a renewing breath that gives back to the skin all its power so that it shines with life.

With this treatment, Natura Bissé returns to the essence of facial care: treating the skin both internally and externally to achieve an impeccably clean, healthy and natural complexion, giving prominence to the hands of beauticians. Based on the three pillars of the collection - liberate, fortify and shield - this facial transforms the skin with a fusion of strengthening, purifying and repairing ingredients, applied with enveloping massage techniques.

The prebiotic complex that includes helps to restore and maintain the natural balance of skin micro-organisms (microbial flora), essential to preserve a healthy and resistant skin barrier. In just 60 minutes the skin, detoxified, dazzles with new energy.

To strengthen the treatment at home, the firm presents three new products: Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanse, Diamond Cocoon Hydrating Essence and Diamond Cocoon Ultra Rich Cream.

At Natura Bissé we believe in innovation and in continuing to offer products and protocols that respond to the needs that every woman needs in her day to day.

They are our main inspiration. With this opening at El Corte Inglés Diagonal in Barcelona, ​​Natura Bissé is even closer to its clients ", says Verónica Fisas, CEO and CEO of the firm. This new opening in Barcelona joins those that Natura Bissé has recently made in El Corte Inglés in Bilbao, Nervión (Seville) or Serrano (Madrid), a commitment to bring luxury cosmetics to all women.

The constant search for excellence has led Natura Bissé to reap numerous awards, among which it stands out as having been named "Official Cosmetic Firm" of Forbes Travel Guide, world authority in luxury experiences. Recently, the firm has received the prestigious recognition of the "Best Spa Brand in the World" at the 2018 World Spa Awards.

With subsidiaries in Spain, the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates and a presence in 35 countries, Natura Bissé has achieved a resounding international success that has positioned it in the most prestigious points of sale and spas in the world, many of them already distinguished by Forbes Travel Guide. For more information contact: Singular Team 917 874 600

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