Flexibility is one of the biggest pros of travelling by car

When it comes to traveling, most of us want to got to our destination as hassle-free and quickly as possible. Often times our destination dictates what mode of transportation we use. If we are travelling overseas, the quickest and the best option is to fly.

From the very beginning, when I was child, I already used to travel by bus. Sometimes it tooks days, specially when we crossed my native Brazil from North to South.

One of my best memories was to look behind the window later at night when everybody was sleeping and being awake, watching all the beautiful stars and the sky shining on the countryside. Maybe that‘s why I love so much to travel by car.

When I met my husband, it wasn‘t much different, because during his playing days, we needed to move a lot, and being in Europe, I could take advantage to travel by car. We have been travelling by car for 13 yeras now, almost all the summers when he needed to go back to Czech Republic, for him to play, respectively to coach for national team, like he does now. Even though, for many, this kind of travel arrangements can be very unpleasant and long, let’s focus on the bright side.

Naturally, things in life have their pros and cons. Same goes with the means of transportation. You can take a boat, train or an aeroplane, but the travel time for that kind of travel is often a lot more than what most people can reasonably fit into their schedule, meaning, is it worth it?

If you are traveling an hour or two away, most people will drive. It’s cheap, it’s easy and you are flexible. You can stop (almost) anytime you want, change your route or even go back. It’s not so easy to do with the other kinds of transportation.

The trouble comes when the trip is over five hours long and you start thinking that maybe something faster and more cozy would have been a better idea. And that’s where you have to choose on what you prefer.

There are definitely some instances when traveling by car, plane or even train can become a difficult decision. But so far travel by car is my favorite thing to do in the summer. You are free to decide when and where to go. There is no need to hurry to make times for train or bus departures. You can sleep in and get up whenever you want, and drive as long as you want or need.

Your travel needs much less planning and also accuracy. You have lots of space for change and that’s probably what I like so much about it. Visiting many places, we decided to sleep over or také one extra day. If we were tied with a flight plan or a train schedule, this would be simply impossible. Our last trips by car were lacking planning. All we did was gathering the places of interest that we wanted to visit. We made planning only several days in advance and only then we booked the hotels nearby. This gives you the feeling of freedom to stay longer if you like the place and leave earlier in case that you don’t.

You get a chance to visit many more places, since you learn more about them. Many places offera lot more interesting things (ruins, museums, mountains, etc) that are situated far away from roads with frequent public transportation and some are even not accessible by public transport at all.

Another very important thing for me is that you may bring more things along for the trips. You are not limited to take only one luggage, like at the airport, for example. I also feel a lot safer in the car, which is probably misleading, know the numbers and that actaully travelling by plane is by far the safest. And let’s just say, i don’t feel very comfortable in the closed up spaces.

Flexibility is one of the biggest pros of travelling by car. You can stop as much as you like, drive at your own pace, simply enjoy the freedom of a road trip! And since there’s no baggage limit, you can take "almost the entire house with you“ specially your beloved pets can travel with you.

Well, not literally, but you can definitely pack everything you think of that is essential for such a trip. But if you pick a car as your transport, you will be able to see many beautiful villages, hills, and small towns and beautiful views along your drive. And you will always be able to stop and take some pictures, too.

So the view from the window is a huge plus.

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