"The Internet takes people away from reality"... If you don´t know how to use it properly.

My dear friends and FOLLOWERS!

I come back re-energized after being more than one month away from social networks.

I am ready to continue to share with all of you my travel experiences, the most incredible places I have visited.

Taking a break was necessary for me to understand that the internet takes people away from reality sometimes. I needed some time off to get away from all that and concentrate more on me and my immidiate surroundings.  It is important to pay attention to the studies by American scientists that consider the Internet to be addictive, in some cases more than drugs, sex or alcohol. According to the researchers, 450 million people in the world are cyberdependent!

In my case I wanted to figure out what is my degree of addiction to the internet. The main problem does not lie in how much time we spend "in the 2.0 world", but in the emotions we perceive from the Internet.

It is possible that a person can find friends, love and self-affirmation on the Internet but what happens if that does not happen in real life? Those people suffer some serious psychological problems, they tend to have very hard time relating with others, or their expectations are very unrealistic.

Experts say that people who spend hours in front of the computer screen, in front of the television or a smartphone, destroy their own identity.

When browsing on the web or playing virtual games is abused, the area of ​​the brain, that is responsible for seeking pleasure, is activated. It is the same center that is stimulated in people with other addictions, such as drugs or sex.

So my dearest, I want to propose to you to try one day each month to stay away from the internet, totally disconnect from the 2.0 world and focus more on what is around you.

Let's take part of the promotion of the International Day without Internet (January 27).

Let us take into account the importance of having real friends, practicing sports, traveling or caring for pets, that allow us to always maintain contact with reality, away from the dangers of addiction of virtual reality. I want to share with you guys that my family has moved to different city in other country. I used this opportunity to explore the place and our new environment. We try to make family trips and connect with our new surroundings. I think that it is vital to all of us.

I am happy to return to my beloved followers! I am eager to tell you about my new projects  that I missed so much. I really needed contact with my followers and I can't wait to share new experiences of travel, food, places and new family plans. By Keilley Lee Marques 

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