"We arrived in Brno believing in the NEXT GENERATION project"

Updated: Jan 18

Family comes first. It may be a well used saying, but we all know way too well, that it really is. It is as important as believing in something, and to be able to give something your best.

That is why our whole family packed its bags and we moved from Barcelona to Brno.

Today, I want to share with all of you, my dear friends, some of the best things that happened in the lousy year 2020.

Our young project, NEXT GENERATION, led by my husband Lubos Barton, got invited to one of the top Euroleague tournaments (Adidas Next Generation Tournament). Their group will be played in Munich, starting on January 22, going through January 24.

Brno will be representing Czech basketball, and will go against such big teams and names like Real Madrid, Zalgiris Kaunas, Bayern Mnichov or Paris. Three teams out of these four, won the competition in last four years.

This is not bad at all for a program that was born this year, and took off this August, once my husband came in and took over.

I am sure that he will develop the players, and the program to one of the best, and will guide them into a bright future, not only in this tournament, but other as well.

For those who are not familiar, already 3 players from the NG debuted this season with Basket Brno team, senior team led by Lubomir Ruzicka, and others will shortly follow.

There should be no lack of motivation, young players once they prove that they are capable of competing on senior level, will be given the opportunity. That's not always the case in many teams, and Basket Brno wants to be the one, who shatters this negative dynamic.

I will faithfully support my husband, who has been giving all of his energy and effort to the program, and I will be there for him. I will make the trip to Munich and I won't miss any of the big game by Basket Brno.

Through social networks, I will be informing you guys about the news and progress made by the team, and players themselves. We all know that one cannot exist without the other. So pay attention, because shortly, I will be posting more details!

By Keilley Lee Marques

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